Hey, what's up!?
We are Neat Creep.

We are a collective of creatives and artists. We merge our experiences and knowledge to create. Devoted to constant movement, expression, and evolution. Not tied to anything. Open minded.

Today's world is moving fast and very few people realize what it takes. Producing more for marketing more for selling more for producing more for marketing more... We aim to challenge the notion of blind existence.

We do our best to be conscious and sustainable. We do our best to be environment-friendly and run business ethically. We do our best to expand your awareness and strengthen your mental health.

Making products to keep it running:

Clissic t-shirts.

Classic t-shirt with a logo. 100% organic cotton, textile is certified under Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), t-shirt manufactured under Fairtrade Foundation, screen-printed with hands in Riga, Latvia.

Price 27€

Connect. Send dms and follow the process on instagram. We are always looking for people to create with.

Shipping and return policy. We ship worldwide with no extra charge and we don’t have return policy.

Privacy policy. Neat Creep is not collecting any data about you and doesn't run any marketing.